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Multilac Platinum Uber Cool

Multilac launches innovative exterior paint for cooler living and save energy

Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of paints and surface coatings, Macksons Paints recently launched yet another innovative product, Multilac Platinum Uber Cool exterior paint for walls and roofs. Multilac Platinum Uber Cool is an industry first, combining cutting edge technology with the widely expressed customer need for a exterior paint that reduces heat and cools indoors. When applied, Multilac Platinum Uber Cool can reduce temperatures up to 5 o C indoors, enabling consumers to minimize air conditioning and electricity costs. In a tropical country like Sri Lanka Uber cool technology cools the environment and enhances a more comfortable feeling indoors than living in a house painted with conventional exterior emulsion.

Multilac Platinum Uber Cool, exclusively developed for walls and roofs, contains a unique heat reflection technology, says Mr.Mizver Makeen, Managing Director of Multilac. “ IR reflective technology enables the reduction of surface temperatures up to 5 o C and it also reflects heat. With this new product, you save energy and ensure cool and comfortable living areas.

“ In Sri Lanka, we are exposed to a hot and humid environment that encourages the formation of fungi and mould and heats up indoors – Multilac Platinum Uber Cool range comes with all weather resistant, light fast pigments with additives that discourage the formation of fungus and mould, ensuring long lasting protection for a longer period of time. The most important aspect of Multilac Platinum Uber Cool is the fact that it encourages cooler indoors, absorbing and reducing the heat generated. This is a unique feature that enables Multilac Platinum Uber Cool to perform at a level far above competition” he adds.

A totally Sri Lankan company with a strong focus on research and development, Multilac manufactures and markets a range of world class paints and surface coatings for Sri Lanka. Multilac products are exported to countries such as India, Maldives, Pakistan and UAE. The company has always been committed to fulfilling identified customer needs, he adds.
He reiterates that Multilac products provide an unmatched and wide colour pallete with the Multilac Colour Bank. The company also caters to specialized requirements in surface solutions. Multilac’s island-wide presence through a strong dealer network enables customers to buy their specific Multilac products.

Every Multilac product is developed and manufactured at the Macksons state-of-the-art factory where priority is given to ensuring environmentally sound principles. “For us, keeping our environment clean and ensuring a green philosophy in manufacturing is vital for growth” Mizver Makeen says in conclusion.


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