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COLOMBO: The leader in the paints and surface coatings niche in Sri Lanka, the diverse Multilac range of paints has been further enhanced with the introduction of the Multilac Platinum Range, adding six new varieties to its existing product portfolio. These six new value-added range functional paints further strengthens Multilac’s position as the first choice in paints. Macksons Paints, the manufacturer of Multilac, has already proved its credentials as the largest exporter of paints out ofSri Lanka, and regularly introduces its international innovations to local consumers as well.

Mr. Mizver Makeen Managing Director of Macksons Paints, commented: “Proudly Sri Lankan, yet renowned for international quality products, the new Multilac Platinum Range of paints have been formulated in response to customer feedback and as a result of our extensive research and development activity, in a bid to offer customers a world-class selection of paints. This commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation is the key driver of our success, and we are proud to be the pioneers in launching such an innovative range of paints. We are confident that the new Multilac Platinum range will satisfy the most discerning clientele who are looking for superior quality paints that deliver their promise!”

About Multilac Platinum Range

This premier range of paints adds much greater value through innovative finishes and its properties. Led by advanced technology, safety and attention to exotic finishes, this range is truly fit for royalty and will be appreciated by customers for whom price is no bar to a beautiful home.


Multilac Uber Cool’: The star performer in the new Multilac Platinum range is the ‘Multilac Uber Cool’, an exterior paint that promises a cooler environment by reducing the heat by as much as 50c. Its heat reflective technology is the latest in the world and Macksons Paints is the pioneer in introducing this technology-led paint that is environment-friendly and low in VOC. This paint drastically reduces the harmful solvent evaporation from its surface as the Uber Cool exterior emulsion is made in adherence to stringent international standards. Moreover, a cooler interior minimizes the usage of the AC, thereby reduce electricity consumption.

Multilac Shimmer: With this novel paint, you can transform your home into a palace. Forget all the standard flat colours of paints – if you are looking for an aura of royalty, the elegant Shimmer is simply graceful, creates unlimited moods according to your lighting  and irresistible. The range of shimmer comprises of pearl, gold and silver with a wide array of 300 incredible, extraordinary and unbelievable finishes. Imagine converting your bedroom with mother of pearl walls and transforming your living room into a Sultan’s palace! Transform your lifestyle into luxury just by selecting a shade of shimmer which will make all the difference. The Taj Mahal & The Buckingham Palace are just a brush stroke away at your own home! Feel and live like royalty!

Multilac Couture: Shake off the monotony and infuse life into your walls with this unique Couture range available in wide array of over 1,300 shades along with gold, silver and pearl. Bring trendy and colorful effects and designs into your home, using the painting tools of your choice and making all the difference. Display your personality on your walls. You can be hot, naughty, playful or bold…All this is possible and so much more. Let Couture embrace your walls with true fashion and colour.

Multilac Platinum Aqua Gloss: This paint embodies tomorrow’s technology today. This water based enamel is a revolutionary invention of replacing the traditional solvent based enamel paint with water based technology without compromising on the gloss, the safest enamel paint ever produced in our country.  This unique product is environmental friendly and has low VOC, and non-yellowing and fungal resistant paint. It also could be diluted upto 10% with water, thus reducing the cost of expensive thinner.

Multilac Platinum Omnis Royal Silk: The jewel of the platinum range, Royal Silk is a versatile interior emulsion with seven-in-one performances and a first-ever product of this kind inSri Lanka, promising the real royal silk finish. It is stain resistant: pencil marks, lipstick, curry powder, coffee, ketchup etc. are just a wipe away with a detergent while the antibacterial finish improves your household hygiene and is low in odour, wherein you can even apply it in an air conditioned environment. The light fast pigments promises the colour will stay fresh as ever year after year. The alkali resistant formulation helps you prevent formation of patches on your walls. The product is available in wide range of shades of over 1,000 specially selected colours.

Multilac Platinum Omnis Rich Matt: Both the Royal Silk and Rich Matt finishes offer ‘seven star’ performance, namely, stain resistance, antibacterial finish, low VOC (improves household hygiene), low odour, light fast and alkali resistant colours and easily washable properties, offering a rich and luxurious matt effect on your walls.

Mr. Mizver Makeen added: “In a dynamic move, Macksons Paints had launched ‘Water Proofing Sealer’ to the local market, which has now become a generic name in the local market. We are proud to note that even the competition has taken this as the benchmark and is following standards set by us, even introducing products in competition with our Water Proofing Sealer. There is no better flattery than imitation, particularly when multinational and international giants imitate our product and service innovations. Our commitment to innovation will continue and we will make every citizen of this country proud of being truly Sri Lankan!”

About Multilac

During a journey that spans 32 years, the Multilac product range, developed to meet changing customer dynamics, has been able to successfully market its specialized surface coatings and high quality paints, taking on global giants and emerging a trail-blazer.
In recognition of its outstanding achievements, Multilac has been awarded the Export Brand of the Year, the Best Sri Lankan Enterprise and the Presidential Export Award. Multilac has remained at the pinnacle as Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of paints. Multilac products have put Sri Lanka on the map in the surface coatings industry with exports to many countries.  Multilac’s research and development team works with the leading chemical giants such as BASF and Bayer of Germany, Rohm and Haas of USA and Eliokem of France. It is the clear choice for those seeking to incorporate quality and long lasting durability into their surface protection. Multilac is also the market leader in colour bank segment with over 500 Colour Banks spread all over Sri Lanka which offers the consumer and unlimited array of shades and the latest innovation.


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