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The leading paint brand in the country, Multilac, recently took 225 Multilac dealers for a fun-filled tour of Malaysia in keeping with its promise of providing exciting rewards for Multilac dealers who achieve outstanding results during the year. Multilac places great emphasis on its close relationship with its dealers and this was one more way of strengthening the already close bonds with its dealer network. The dealers who had achieved their sales targets were feted with a trip to Malaysia to enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst reinforcing the fact that Multilac offers exceptional incentives for dealers who achieve outstanding sales for its brands. The tour also afforded company officials the opportunity to interact closely with the dealer community.


Multilac had organized a retinue of sightseeing and recreational activities for the touring group of dealers during their 4 day trip to Malaysia. On arrival in Kuala Lumpur, they were taken to breakfast at Puthra Palace Kuala Lumpur, followed by a tour of Putrajaya, which included a visit to the modern administrative capital of Malaysia, the pink coloured mosque, the Prime Minister’s offices, Hanging Bridges, the Supreme Court and the Botanical Gardens.


Following a sumptuous lunch at the Olive Tree, Menara Hap Seng Indian Restaurant, the team of dealers checked into the comfortable rooms at Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel. After a few hours of rest, they were hosted to dinner at Sagar, located at the famed Sunway Resorts.


The following day, the dealers enjoyed the scenic beauty of the famous Genting Highlands, taking part in the outdoor theme park tours, followed by lunch at the First World Café. The next day brought with it some more exciting stops. The dealers were taken to visit the National Monuments of Malaysia, the King’s Palace, Independence Square, Coco boutique, Photo shop at Petronas Twin Towers that tower over Kuala Lumpur, and other famous landmarks in the city. The day culminated with fine dining lunch at Indian restaurant Aachis Indian, and dinner at the Gateway of India fine dining restaurant.


The tour was a combination of fun-filled and informative sight-seeing, including shopping. The tour was organized painstakingly by Continents & Oceans Travels, while the Malaysian Embassy assisted greatly in arranging visas for the entire group. The dealer community expressed their satisfaction and gratitude on such an exciting holiday, noting that their motivation levels have been further enhanced by this magnanimous gesture by Multilac. A dealer commented, “Multilac has always given us much in recognition of our efforts and we are thankful for their commitment towards our prosperity and well being.”


Multilac has always taken pride in its strong network of dealers located throughout the island. Having emerged in a competitive market as Sri Lanka’s very own manufacturer of world-class paints and surface solutions, Multilac has consistently maintained a strong edge in environmental friendly and internationally accepted quality standards.


Multilac products are sold in local and global markets such as India, Maldives, Pakistan and the Middle East. Multilac has strived to bring innovation to the forefront when developing surface solutions.Among the company’s innovative breakthrough products are the Multilac Waterproofing Sealer and the Non Yellowing Brilliant white enamel paints that fight against discoloration.


Multilac has introduced six new value additions to its range – further strengthening its status as the first choice for paints. This premium range (Platinum life style) adds greater value through innovative finishes. The most preferred, Multilac Uber cool (Comfort lifestyle), is an exterior paint that promises a cooler environment by reducing the interior temperature by up-to 5oc and helps to save energy.


Multilac Platinum Shimmer (Dazzle lifestyle) can transform your home into a palace. If you are looking for an aura of royalty, the elegant shimmer is simply graceful, creating unlimited moods according to your lighting.


Multilac Couture (fashion lifestyle) brings trendy and colourful effects and designs to your home, using the painting tools of your choice and making all the difference. Let Couture embrace your walls with true fashion and colours.


Multilac Aqua Gloss (Eco lifestyle) replaces the traditional solvent based enamel paint with water based technology, without compromising on gloss level.


Multilac Platinum Omnis (Royal lifestyle) Royal Silk is a versatile interior emulsion with seven-in-one performances and a first-ever product of this kind in Sri Lanka. It is stain resistant and the antibacterial finish improves household hygiene and is low in odour. It is also available in matt finish Multilac Platinum Omnis Rich Matt (Rich lifestyle), offering a rich and luxurious matt effect on your walls.


Multilac continues to spearhead the surface solutions market in Sri Lanka, developing products that are environmentally-friendly.


















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